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We have no doubt you will enjoy Daniels creations! Check out more of his creativity and flies for sale on his webpage! You can also follow him on Facebook at on Instagram at 9to5flyz.

Eric Corya

Tim is known for his stone fly craftsmanship in stoneflies that is for sure. He creates realistic bugs that do very well on the east coast rivers and streams. You can follow him on Instagram to see all of his work at @yeah_trout_that.

I grew up near Wildcat Creek in Lafayette Indiana and started chasing Smallmouth bass with Mister Twisters when I was 9 years old. I started Fly Fishing and Fly Tying in 1998. The first fish I ever caught on fly was a Common Carp, on a fly that I tied. The second fish I caught on Fly was a bonefish in the Bahamas shortly thereafter. Saltwater flats fishing is my favorite type of fishing, I have fished the Florida keys and the Pine Island Florida area many times, I love the way saltwater fish pull, and I love to tie Saltwater flies. Since I live in Indiana my obsession is Smallmouth, Carp, Drum and Gar. Carp pull like Saltwater fish, so they are good training for the saltwater grounds.  I have creeks and ponds around me so I am constantly tying new flies and testing them, let’s just say that I tie a lot and fish a lot. My patterns have been tested thoroughly on rivers, creeks, lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

I work part time for Wildcat Creek Outfitters in Zionsville, IN.. I’m also a licensed guide and do wading and float trips on Sugar Creek, Wildcat Creek and the Tippecanoe River in Central Indiana. I also do tying classes at the shop as well as volunteer tying classes for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing in Indianapolis. 

Ilias Karanzas

Fly Skinz is creating a team of Ambassadors that are just as passionate about fly tying and fly fishing  as we are! A lot of them sell flies using our materials and we wanted you to have an easier way to connect with them!

Jesse Males

Eric is one fishy guy! Fly Skinz has been following him for a while and adding him to the Team was an easy choice. You can find out more about him and what he does in the following forums; ,  Instagram - @carpstalker1    Twitter - @carpstalker

My name is Jesse Males and I am the owner of and the fly tyer for my online fly shop I am an avid fly fisherman, fly designer, and custom fly tyer. I eat, sleep, and live fly fishing every waking moment of every single day. That is no lie. I am a backpacker, adventure traveler, and all around addict to feeling the tug. I am happy to join the Fly Skinz community to help push the boundaries of innovative fly tying in the years to come.

Jesse Males is a well verse Angler, but mostly dabbles in the salt! Check out more of  his work on . ​Not only does he tie but is a fantastic photographer! Also follow him on...

Ilias is well known in Sweden for his large predator flies. He is a master with an air brush and is a skilled fisherman. Check out his YouTube channel for some awesome tying!

Tim Savarese

       Though fishing for most of my life it wasn’t till later in my early adult life that I picked up a fly rod and started fly fishing. Not looking back, every time I am on the water it’s with a fly rod and a fly that I designed and tied myself. I started tying flies a few years after picking up the fly rod, being that I wanted flies that were not found in stores. I now spend the time I’m not fishing, designing and tying new flies to better my chances on the water. I love chasing all fish especially largemouth bass in the local lakes and ponds. And love sharing the sport with any and every one.

Daniel Moss

I'm 30 years old and from Eastern Pa. I Like to fly fish for everything but mostly bass and trout. I've been fly fishing since I was 17 years old, and I've been tying for about 6 years. I've been told I am obsessed with stoneflies. 

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